What To Look For In Memberships At Golf Clubs

Most golf clubs offer five basic memberships to choose from, namely, family, individual, social, out of state and corporate memberships. Fees and access to facilities may vary depending on the membership opted for. Beacon Hall is among the top golf courses in Canada and offers a wider range of membership plans to players. Beacon Hall opened way back in 1988 and offers the best services and unlimited access to the golf course. A golf course can function as a retreat from daily routine or may even act as a playground for socializing or business deals. Membership allows the player to belong to the place and be known among the members.

Beacon Hall membership ranges from equity membership, trial membership, spouse associate, intermediate, corporate membership, junior, heritage membership, seniors and out of town membership. The equity membership holder gains maximum benefits and have access to tee without restriction. Equity members enjoy the right to access of course at any time and may hold small social gatherings and introduce associates at nominal dues.

Trial membership is an addition this year which allows the player unrestricted access to facilities and the non-refundable deposit may be deducted from the initiation fee if they opt for equity membership in the near future. They are also allowed to host small parties and get to know the functioning and culture of the golf course.

Corporate membership allows for a certain number of guests and access to meeting halls. They may also arrange for food and beverages over meetings at nominal rates. Spouse members and intermediates or children of equity members are allowed unrestricted access to facilities and access to first tee at any time.

Social membership is an option limited to the residents of Beacon Hall and allows them unrestricted access to the facilities with one round per month, without entry fees. Out of town membership allows those who have relocated to stay connected. They are allowed access to the golf course for ten rounds per season and unrestricted access to other facilities.

Beacon Hall also provides the best dining facilities along with a well trained staff of trainers and professionals. It offers scholarship and caddie programs. It allows access to the golf course at any time and caddie support.

There are no additional entry charges for members. Most clubs have other charges towards pool maintenance, tennis court maintenance, fitness centers, donations and funds. After a long day at work members can opt to play semi rounds of just as many holes as they choose to play. It would be best to opt for a golf club closer to home or workplace to be easy to drive or walk to.

Before gaining membership at any club visit as a guest, play a few games at different seasons, get to know the culture of the club and how well it is maintained in season and off season. Check out the facilities offered and the kind of service. Look out for hidden charges in the form of maintenance, caddie charges, cart charges and food and beverages.